Simple, affordable & modern attendance tracking solution for teams

A simple and smart time tracking solution for maintaining daily attendance.

Easy Attend is a very simple time tracking solution for maintaining daily attendance records. Any business either large or small can use the solution to monitor the attendance of their employees.
It records the exact time of the attendance when people come in as well as they leave. You will be able to generate monthly reports for your staff contain their daily attendance record and overtime.
The solution is very efficient as it keeps the picture of the person with his location and the timestamp when the said person check in or out.

Go beyond attendance tracking & Improve your company culture.


  • It is as easy as taking a selfie. Save time and money by automating your attendance tracking.
  • Instant Setup: No new installation required.
    Easy To Use: No learning curve, extremely simple to use.
    Live Reports: Generate & export custom reports.
    Employee Profiles: Promote open culture & whatever.
    Instant Notifications: Alert employees on special occasions.

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Desktop software

For your Management to create users, generate reports and control every thing

Mobile Apps

For your staff members to allow them complete their daily check in/out easily

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