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IT Solution

Whether in the field of consulting, telecommunication, mobile solutions, automation or special industry applications – we have the perfect solution for you.

Web Design

Let us build a professional website for you. Get Your Website Online Fast - Easy as 1-2-3 …

Mobile Apps

Do you have a website or App idea and want to run it in Apple Store or Google Play? We will be happy to develop your mobile App.

Online Stores

Move your business to reach the whole world.. Whatever your business, we will turn it to be online and multiply your sales by reaching the largest number of customers.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Services Proven to Increase Leads, Sales, & Revenue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing Facebook, Instagram and Email advertising campaigns


We adapt to your needs..
From the smallest working unit with 10 minutes to IT support flat rates, we offer individually fitting service packages.

SQL Databases

SQL Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and My SQL..
SQL Is The Foundation For Virtually Every Type Of Software, and Applications. From installation even till administration, we offer all services, and supporting for each step. Data analysis and mining.. DB optimization, performance enhancement and Reporting Services

Web Development & Design

We have covered every technology for you.
Web Apps, eCommerce stores, CMS Apps, HTML5, CSS,JS Development and many more.
Front-end, Logo & Design

Work Experience

Accuracy in achievement

Commitment to deadlines

Faster, better, cheaper ... 
Simply your mobile App in the right hands !!


  • We take care of all details of your app development process.
    From the first step and Design, through Production, all the way to Launch.
  • Upload your application to Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Support and services after sales. 

Mobile Apps

Online Store

Move your store to Online-Store, and increase the number of customers and an increase your financial revenue !! Whatever your business, the Online-Store allow you to reach unlimited number of customers around the world .
Your store will always be available to customers and you will be able to receive orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ..

Why Choosing Us

We work with care by taking the time to understand your goals and your business objectives. We are not just your ‘developers’, we are your partners, so you can rest assured that we will work with you to design, deliver and support high-performing web solutions that grant you a significant business advantage.

What Makes Us Different ?

We believe that Quality, performance, deadline respect, and customer care are what matters the most, and they are together make the difference..

We highlight below some of the things we believe make us different and uniquely place us in a position to help our clients grow.


About us

Our main mission in SoftX is to help companies become more successful
in the digital world. We work with well-established companies in Europe and Middle East that are either willing to take their offline success online or to improve their current online presence to get more customers and build a memorable online brand.

SoftX Information Technology Services & Solutions. We will be happy for your contact. 

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