Move your store to Online-Store, and increase the number of customers and an increase your financial revenue !! Whatever your business, the Online-Store allow you to reach unlimited number of customers around the world !!
Your store will always be available to customers and you will be able to receive orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ..

                        Online Store

– An infinite number of sections, classifications, and products.
– The ability to add the currencies that you want.
– Product evaluation system, adding comments to each product, and a related product presentation system.
– Adding products to the wish list, which facilitates the purchase process for the customer.
– Choose how to display the products as a grid or a menu.
– Determine unlimited properties for products: (such as color, size, measurement or any other feature), with the ability to specify prices and images for each property separately.
– Order management system and sending emails to clients.
– Determine freight rates: a fixed or variable price can be determined based on the customer’s location or, for example, the type of product. The ability to show the free shipping option when purchasing with a certain value or from a specific city.
– The system of adjusting the added tax, where you can set the value of the tax to automatically calculate it and add it to the bill and you can add the tax at the level of products or the final bill
– Shipping options: local in-store delivery or shipping. With the possibility of showing a specific shipping type from the available options depending on the customer’s location.
– Different payment methods (Master Card – Visa Card – Paypal – Klarna – Sofort – Bank Transfer – Pay at the store upon receipt)
– Order tracking system that allows customers to track the status of their orders
– Automatic invoice and recharge system with every order and with the addition of your online store logo in a professional manner.
– A customer management system that allows customers to register in the store and enter their information for easy shopping, reviewing orders and invoices, and gives you complete management of customer files and the creation of complete customer reports.
– Coupons and Coupons System: Give customers coupons a fixed amount or percentage off the bill or even only when purchasing a specific product, and special offers such as free shipping can be provided through coupons.
– The warehouse management system and the return of orders, with the possibility of carrying out an inventory of the warehouse and the store automatically and sending alert messages that the store did not see in the event of a shortage of a certain product quantity or in the event of a stock
– Create and export sales reports on an Excel file on a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly basis
– Add the required languages for your online store (Arabic-English-German-Swedish-Dutch-or any other language)
– Easy and simple control panel enables you to control all the features of your store with the ability to set the required language without the need for any technical knowledge.
– Mobile Applications with your store name, and upload them to the Apple Store and Google Play.
– The possibility of linking the online store with your traditional store and synchronizing the traffickers through one warehouse, or you can separate the traffickers by setting two separate warehouses.
– A professional technical support team to provide the necessary support and respond to any inquiries

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